Brezilliant was set up with a single purpose:

To help teams operate far more effectively and happily as a single, dynamic unit.


Bringing together several decades worth of experience in the commercial and military sectors, Guy Hipwell (Board level business executive) and Liz Abram (Military Interrogation and SAS Who Dares Wins DS team member) work with teams across the United Kingdom to make multiple improvements and deliver more effective results.


Following a completely different approach to the vast majority of training companies and traditional team building activities, Guy and Liz combine their experience of having built, trained and worked with dozens of teams, made up of individuals from all sorts of backgrounds, whether hand-picked or thrown together by circumstance.


We combine the lessons learned from operating in warzones, boardrooms, startups and corporate offices around the world, and focus on opening you up to the opportunities that exist within all teams to make the smallest of changes for optimal results.  We help you identify and practice the positive behaviours which bring about cumulative and lasting improvements in team performance, group dynamics and the fulfilment of the individual.


Our approach is intuitive, responsive, multi-dimensional and totally inspired by people rather than slick systems and buzzwords. 


You won’t get a certificate or “graduate” from our courses. Instead, our sole aim is that you will come away with an enduring and meaningful legacy for your teams, reinvigorating how they function and enabling you to perform brilliantly and stay resilient.

How WE Can Help You

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We join you for a team meeting via video conference and provide feedback.


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Video Conference Observation + 1-2-1

We join a team meeting via video conference and subsequently spend time with each team member and provide group and individual feedback.

£500 (+ £125 per person)

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We join you for meetings and get to know each of you and provide continual feedback and coaching.


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career coaching

Individual 1 on 1 coaching to help you achieve your career potential.



This is the big one! We will aim to break you and then help you to rebuild.

Contact us for details

2.5 days up to 12 people

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group coaching

Half day sessions with all or selected team members.

£1500 FOR 3 HOURS