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what we do

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what we do
  • We help teams work together better (by identifying damaging practices and behaviours within the team).

  • We change expectations, overhaul communication and help teams rejuvenate systems and uncover their superpowers.

  • We dismantle knackered, outmoded, tired groups of individuals and hierarchies and assemble freshly invigorated squads of genius in motion.

  • We aim to implant small but important changes to individual behaviour for the benefit of the team.

  • We will possibly try to make you feel slightly uncomfortable (but only because this works)..This is done from a place of love for being able to be better at what we all do and a deep rooted belief  that challenging the status quo from time to time shakes up the preconceptions which may be stopping you from growing. 

  • We provide copious supplies of tea and biscuits. Or coffee. And cake.

  • We aim to enable teams to feel proud about themselves, their brand and the service or product they provide.

  • Leave no one behind.

    • Except Colin, because he likes a bit of solitude, and will happily do the tidying up while you are out.

  • What we will do is climb aboard with you so we can get a feel for how the energy works inside your team. Then we can be instrumental in highlighting and reflecting the good, the bad and the ugly so that we can all work together on becoming resourceful and efficient, brilliant and resilient.

  • We have a complete aversion to Powerpoint presentations, classroom “training”, handouts, certificates confirming that you’ve been on a team building day.

  • Interrogation - if you want to wear the plasticuffs and black hood combo either sign up for the real thing or we can point you to other excellent providers in this field.

  • Guns, flashbangs and high adrenaline are not part of our repertoire.  Instead we focus entirely on trying to make your team work better together, albeit by unconventional means. No animals will be hurt during this process. Only pride. We don’t use pyrotechnics or rely on an adrenaline rush to get you juiced up. There’ll be no men in black, looking like they should be brandishing a box of chocolates. Instead we help you access your inner brilliance so you can go and start your own fire. We show you how to nurture it. We will even point you to the alchemy manual. You want the good stuff, you will be given free reign to go make your own. Knit your own solutions and get creative, get filthy and rediscover your passion and purpose. Our aim is that you leave us with something more substantial than just a piece of paper that you shove into a drawer as soon as you get back to the office.

Work with Us - Brezilliant can help your team work smarter!
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